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Welcome to Chastang's Library Media Center


Chastang-Fournier K-8 School   

Library Media Center Mission Statement


            The library media program will enable students to be become information literate and lifelong readers.  The program will provide educational and technological opportunities to students and faculty in keeping with their needs and abilities.  The program will enable individuals to access, analyze, assimilate, and use information effectively.




  7:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday


Additional times and accommodations can be made by contacting the Media Specialist.




  • Book check out
  • Destiny, automated cataloging and circulation system
  • Class and individual instruction
  • Internet access
  • Accelerated Reading quizzes
  • Bibliographies
  • Research assistance
  • Classroom equipment services
  • Computers for word processing, PowerPoint, etc.



Renaissance Home Connect

OPAC: Chastang's Destiny Catalog



  • Accelerated Reader
  • Over 8,500 books 
  • Over 200 audiovisual titles
  • 28 laptop computers
  • 3 desktop computers
  • wireless network       


 Circulation Procedures:


  • Individual students must have a signed and timed pass from current period teacher.
  • Leave bookbags under the "Leave Book Bags Here" sign.
  • Sign in Media Center Log. Write name, current teacher, and class period.
  • Complete self check in of library books.
  • Check out all library media materials before leaving media center. *Magazines and reference books must be used in library only.
  • Books are checked out for a two-week period.  Books may be renewed once if not reserved.
  • There is a nickel-a-day overdue fine.  No fine is charged for excused absences.  If a student owes a fine they are not allowed to check out another book until the fine is paid.
  • Students must pay for damaged and lost books.  Students may not check out other materials until their debt is paid.




Third Quarter Accelerated Reader

We are so proud of the students that met all of their AR goals third quarter. The students that met their goal for the first time received a bronze medal. Those that met their goal two times received a silver medal. Gold medals were given to the students that met their goals all three quarters. The students that met their goals third quarter are: Avrianne Caver (Gold)- Bhat, Christian Dunn (Gold)- Bhat, Tytianna Haywood (Bronze)-Bhat, Cameron Tolbert (Bronze)- Bhat, Dione Oakley (Silver)-Bowler, Milton Williams (Silver)- Bowler, Lauryn Howard (Bronze)- Bowler, Tatyana Moore (Silver)- Brown, Kamaya Gordon (Bronze)-Brown, Genesis Moore (Gold)- Bell, Quentel Hill (Gold)- Madison/Hunter, Keldrick Pettway (Gold)- Madison/Hunter, Antinasia Austin (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, Fran Jessica Chastang (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, Iyana Jackson (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, London Laffitte (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, Terry Matthews (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, Brandi Woods (Bronze)- Madison/Hunter, Jillian Hart (Gold)- Nicholson, Kaylie Erb Mason (Silver)- Nicholson, Mykirrah Stone (Bronze)- Nicholson, Breanna Watson (Bronze)- Nicholson, Jorian Crawford (Gold)- Phillips-Carrol, Elmore Locke (Gold)- Phillips-Carrol, Jermanda Burden (Gold)- Spivey, Kyla Cowan (Gold)- Spivey, Tycari Jones (Bronze)- Spivey, Miracle Walker (Bronze)- Spivey, Desteni Watts (Bronze)- Spivey, Clayton Bender (Gold)- Nelson, Kelsey Wright (Gold)- Nelson, and Caitlyn Holley (Silver)- Nelson. Congratulations to all of these studetns for a job very well done!


Fournier-Chastang Ground Breaking Ceremony

Chastang Middle School faculty, staff, students, and community members are extremely ecstatic that our boys and girls will receive a new school!

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 Young Authors Conference and Teen Writing Fair

So proud of the students that participated in this great writing program that is put on by the Metro Mobile Reading Council. Kaylie E. has a story published in an Anthology book , and Chamicychel T., Navarius P., Antinasia A., Miracle W., and Fran Jessica C. have a story published in a magazine, Both Sides of the Bay. This is the first time Chastang Middle School has participated in the publication process. Chamichael and Antistacia also participated in the Teen Writing Fair. They both were able to meet illustrator, R. Gregory Christie. Congratulations to all of these students.






 Student Author Signing

All of our young authors enjoyed reading their published stories in the library. They also autographed their writing and enjoyed some snacks. We hope to see more of their stories in the future.


Group picture ( left to right): Navarius P., Antinasia A.,                 Fran Jessica C.

Katie E., Chamychel T., and Miracle W. 

*Additional photos in Photo Album




NEA's Read Across America Day

 NEA's Read Across America Day was seussariffic. The sweet ladies in the cafeteria and Ms. Jones prepared green eggs and ham for the students for breakfast. The language arts teachers planned fun activities to go with Dr. Seuss books. Every student received a popsicle to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and were given the opportunity to wear a hat of their choice. It was a seusstacular day!


Read the Most Coast to Coast 

Chastang Middle School students participated in a nation wide reading event called Read the Most Coast to Coast. In this event schools all over the United States tried to see how many Accelerated Reader tests they could take in one school day. The final total of books read was 4, 173,153 tests completed. Our sixth and eighth graders passed 103 tests! All students that participated will receive a certificate of participation and a bookmark. I am very proud of all of these students.

During the event we also had an estimation contest. The student that had the closest estimation to the total number of tests taken by our nation gets to shop online at Books A Million for a couple of books of their choice. This million estimator is Jermarcus Godbolt! He estimated 4 million, three hundred thousand, two hundred. Congratulations, Jermarcus.




Second Quarter AR

Second quarter AR results are exciting. We are so proud of all of the students that met their Accelerated Reader goals. These students achieved their point goal and average book level goal while maintaining a high average are:

Genesis M., Avrianne C., Christian D., Millie S., DeTayvia M., Tatyana M., Deqwinn P., Kyle P., Quentel H., Keldrick P., Keondra R., Caitlyn H., Christopher B., Clayton B., Zenoiya D., Tymichael J., India M., Kelsey W., Ikera A., Cornelsha C., Kaylie M., Jillian H., Jorian C., Elmore L., Amaiyah S., Jermanda B., and Kyla C.



First Quarter Accelerated Reader 



These students met all of their Accelerated Reader goals. They had to meet a point goal, average book level goal, and maintain an 85% average! We are so very proud of all of them. They will all receive a bronze medal and participate in our AR party.


Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! Come in and enjoy your library.

Mrs. Kristie Smith

Are you a Rick Riordan fan? These students are. They participated in a live webcast with Mr. Riordan along with students from all over the state of Alabama. They heard about the soon to be released last book in the Percy Jackson series, RIORDAN. He also shared with us top secret information about his upcoming series. Do you want to know more? Click on the link below find out more.


Students are not allowed to play games, view videos, or song lyrics on the Internet.

  • If a student is caught using an unauthorized Internet site they will be warned once, if caught again thy will lose their Internet privileges.
  • Up to five pages of school related material may be printed free of charge.  After that a nickel per page is charged.
  • If student prints unrelated school materials they will be charged ten cents per black and white page and twenty-five cents per color page.  Materials will be kept by Media Specialist and the student will be sent back to class.  If the student does it again while in the Media Center they will lose computer privileges.
  • Books should be returned to their proper place on the shelves before leaving, or left at the circulation desk.
  • Tables should be cleared of trash before leaving. Push chairs under the tables.
  • Any student that is disruptive will be warned once and if the disruption continues the student will be sent back to class.



Chastang Middle School uses the STAR Reading Test and Accelerated Reader Program to aid in recognizing student reading levels and matching instruction to individual student needs.


The STAR Reading Test is a computer-adaptive reading test and database.  It gives the reading levels of students K-12.  Students will use the results in selecting reading materials suitable for their level.  Teachers are given test results to aid in the instruction of their students.

  • All students will take the STAR test three times during the school year:  The beginning or the year, the end of the first semester, and at the end of the school year.
  • Teachers and parents are given the results of the tests.
  • Students are given their reading levels using colored dots, each color representing a grade level, on their library cards.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader or AR is the nation's leading reading management program.  Reading Practice goals will be established for all students.  This will also ensure that students participating in our Read 25 Books Campaign have read their books by testing them on the books contents.

  • Students either choose a book to read or read books assigned to them.
  • Students will take the Practice Quiz after completing their book.
  • A score of 70% or higher is passing.
  • Students reaching their Reading Practice goal will be rewarded.
  • Accelerated Reader is Web Based with over 200,000 book quizzes.  New Quizzes are added daily.
  • Parents can access Accelerated Reader Quiz results from home.








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