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Falcons Guidance Corner

 The Role of the Professional School Counselor here at Chastang Fournier K-8 

Parents/ Guardians:

The school counseling program at Chastang Fournier K-8 is to adhere to the social, emotional, and academic/career needs of all students. This is carried out by classroom guidance, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.

The guidance program is directed by two professionally trained counselors that follow the counseling guidelines set forth by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA).

In attempt to meet the needs of all students, various services are offered throughout the year.  Services include classroom guidance lessons which address broad developmental topics (self-esteem, social skills, problem-solving skills, career awareness, bullying, etc.) as well as individual counseling for students who have specific needs.  Specialized guidance services are also provided to students by way of outside agencies (Crittenton, Life Lines, Drug Education Council, Mobile Police Department, Mobile County Health Department, etc.).

When counselors are not working with students, they are consulting with teachers, administrators, parents, and our stakeholders.  We here at Chastang-Fournier K-8 have an open door policy where you as a parent or community member can freely conference with us at any time as it relates to your student(s) academic success. Some of the areas you may want to consult with a guidance team member are: 

•          Academic skills support/progress reports

•          Career preparation

•          Postsecondary planning and application process

•          School adjustment issues

•          Coping, problem-solving, decision-making concerns

•          Organizational, study and test-taking skills

•          Peer relationships and conflict resolution problems

•          Divorce, separation and family changes

•          Experiencing loss, death and grief

•          Substance abuse awareness

•          School-based and community resources information

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